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Episode Zeta – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

The world will now watch this web series as it takes a giant leap forward in having mainstream appeal and staying power.  There is no denying how every single person alive, even unborn children can relate to Episode Zeta!  Please enjoy this as the rest of the world is certain to do. Episode Zeta I would like to remind the…

Episode Delta – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

Episode Delta is a free-fall.  We all have fallen, dreamed of falling, and seen others fall.  We often laugh when we see people fall, but seldom is it funny when we do it ourselves.  At least not initially.  This examines what it feels like for me and how it happens in my dreams when I am falling.  Always falling.  Sometimes…

“He Went to Jared!” Commercial Spoof

Here is a short 3 minute video that is a commercial spoof comedienne Nickey Winkelman and I did for The Comedy Circus Show @ Morty’s Comedy Joint in Indianapolis.  It was written, directed and edited by Nickey and I think you will enjoy it.  There is even a cameo by everyone’s favorite stuffed gorilla!