The Muse-ical Influences on My Comedy

Is there anything in this world better than stand up comedy? Not for me. What a privilege and honor it is to make a life doing something so silly as trying to create laughter. Thank you to everyone who has ever made this crazy dream survive as my reality. I am forever in the debt […]

Experience 97 – Immortal For Now & More

Immortality is the discussion on today’s experience as I dig a bit deeper into a subject that has mine and many other people’s attention as we get “smarter” and more “advanced” as a species. My 3rd full-lenght stand up comedy album is released today IMMORTAL FOR NOW is the name and I’m very excited to […]

IMMORTAL FOR NOW – The Disappearance of Ryan Singer (Part 1 of 5)

This is a documentary web series detailing the search for stand up comedian Ryan Singer, who has mysteriously gone missing. Interviews with his friends and colleagues have led to a connection to a strange man named Daedrick Daed. Has Ryan simply taken unannounced vacation or is their something more nefarious behind his disappearance?