Biz Guy – Episode #3

The third time is the charm they say.  I am not quite sure what they are saying that about and how it in any way relates to me posting the third video in the “Biz Guy” series that I did earlier this year, but I used it anyway.  I am sitting in a hotel in Lexington, KY, as I post this latest video and just want to say for the record that I love this town.  It is beautiful here.

The club is called Comedy Off Broadway and they put you in a proper hotel and the staff is awesome.  These are the weeks that make me realize that I indeed have the best job/career/life I could have possibly asked to get.  So, thanks for that.

That is not say that making these videos was not equally fun.  Because I had an absolute blast making them and I think you can tell that we had fun in the finished product.  You can, right?  No?  Look harder damn it.  There you go.  Now you see.  Good.

Here’s the third one and it can get a little dicey:

Episode #3 – “Shaving”

“Advertising” – Underbelly Skit w/Butch Wesley

Here is the Underbelly skitch that Butch Wesley and I performed last year.  We performed it again to record it for a sketch comedy contest all of us from Underbelly are entering in for the Friar’s Club in New York City.  I am glad to be a part of it as it is pretty darn funny.  The concept was Butch Wesley’s and we had a lot of fun with it.  Let’s hope we can perform it live at the UCB Theater in NYC once our group’s submission makes the top 5 in this contest.

Biz Guy – Episode #2

Here is the second of five different spots I did for Biz Stain Fighter.  These videos are going to become a viral success of runaway and epic proportions, so get in on the ground floor, people!  This one is an episode in which I take on chocolate stains.  You should know a few things about this going in:  I do NOT like chocolate and am willing to rise above my personal tastes and do what I need to do for money.  I will do almost anything for money.  I need money.  Do you have money?  Do you want to give me some of it?  I will gladly take it from you.

These were really fun to make and maybe we will be making more of them?  I am not quite sure, but I am sure that if we do, I will enthusiastically be on board with the decision.

Episode #2 – “Chocolate Pie”

I think this episode not only shows my incredible range as an actor, but it also shows that I have a high tolerance for pain and can work well with people that are not real.  These are all very admirable qualities and things that were never emphasized enough in my schooling as tangible life tools.  I hope you continue to enjoy these videos and we shall patiently await the next ones, I suppose.

Biz Guy – Episode #1

Here is the first installment of some internet commercials I did for Biz Stain Fighter.  I am the Biz Guy and I love nothing more than getting dirty so I can get clean.  There are five total commercials and I think that they are pretty good.  I will give you a little back story to these:

The script was very loose as you could probably tell after watching the video.  It was pretty much just a bare bones idea and they let me have free reign of the meaty party of dialogue (with some exceptions, obviously).  Some people may say I have sold my artistic integrity down the river for a few bucks and I say to them, “What artistic integrity do you speak of, dear friend?”

When you are 33 years old and sleep on a futon mattress on the floor of a friend’s condo, there is not much that is not for sale.  Indeed.  I am being overly dramatic as I am cracked out on a 7 Eleven coffee right now.  No joke.  If you could see my jaw right now.

Here’s the first video, we’ll call it “Wine Tasting”

Open Mic Madness

This is a video clip that I forgot I had until I remember that I had it.  It is just a short 5 minute’ish set from Go Bananas Comedy club on one of the open mic nights.  I drop in there whenever I am not out of town to work on material, usually.  But, sometimes something really weird happens and all my plans go out the window.  This was one of those nights.

The best part of getting “older” in comedy and having a home club where you can take chances or get away with things is that sets like this are possible.  The open mic night on most Wednesdays have been something special for a little over a year now at Go Bananas and you should really check the show out if you’re close and want an always entertaining and brand new experience every week.  Here’s the clip:

Guest on WTF w/ Marc Maron!

**Click on photo to get to podcast**

This past weekend I was at one of my favorite clubs, the Bloomington, IN, Funny Bone working.  I have worked there a bunch of times now and always love going there because of the owners and local comedians and staff.  This time I was working with Marc Maron, who if you know stand up comedy, you know.  If you don’t know stand up comedy, you probably still know him even if you don’t think you do.  I know you’ve see him.  I’m sure of it.  Point is, it was one of those really awesome comedy weekends and it surpassed even my expectations for it.

Here’s a quick link to Episode #59, which I did a quick interview with Marc about a crazy thing that happened Friday night.

I do not have much time somehow to watch a lot of television or do stuff like that, but I do listen to about 3 different podcasts when given the opportunity on a long drive or a spare hour at home.  Marc Maron is the host of one of those.  It is called “WTF” and it is awesome for any casual or die hard comedy fan.  This episode has an awesome conversation with one of my other favorite comedians, Robert Hawkins.  The guy is an absolute beast on stage and if you haven’t seen him live its only because you have not tried.  He is always touring and will certainly be at a comedy club near you at some point in the near future.

You can follow Maron on all the social networking sites:  Maron on Twitter, Maron of Facebook, WTF on Twitter

I may at some point make a separate page for all the podcasts I have been a guest on, so it is easy to just listen to them all in one place.  Let’s see how I feel after another cup of coffee or two.

My Latest Unwarranted Acceptance Speech Video

For those of you who are aware of my career up to this point, you know that I enjoy making acceptance speech videos for awards that I do not win.  See Comic’s Comic Award Acceptance Speech video at bottom of this page.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted numerous times for me to win CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest and although I did not win, it was enjoyable being a part of it with some great comics and friends.  To be honest, I was not expecting to make it out of the first round, so to get to the finals was pretty cool.

And even though I did not win, I am still on a mission to meet Gary Allan.  I am currently listening to his newest album, “Get Off on the Pain,” right now and it is awesome.  So, here is my latest acceptance speech video that would have aired on CMT if I would have won.  I am posting here in an attempt to cement my future place as the pre-2008 Martin Scorcese of award winning.  Its not all about winning, its about having fun along the way.  Congrats to my buddy, Pete Lee for winning!

CMT’s Next Big Comic Award Acceptance Speech (Pete Lee was actual winner)

Comics’ Comic Award Acceptance Speech (Chad Daniels was actual winner)

News, Updates, Etc…

Hey, everybody.  Here’s some breaking news…not so much breaking, really.

I’ll be headlining Wiley’s Comedy Club in Dayton, OH, this Thursday (3/11).  It should be a fun time for sure and it is my first time officially headlining one of the clubs I started performing comedy.  Tickets are only $5 and showtime is at 8 pm.

I just got back the Laughing Skull Comedy festival in Atlanta, GA, this past weekend.  It was a blast and I met A LOT of great comics and some very interesting characters.  We are now in the final days of the voting for CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest and I am really grateful for all the votes and support I have been getting locally and nationally.  Thanks for voting and you can continue to vote for me here or by texting FUNNY12 to 32709.

If I win, you will be able to see a very short acceptance speech video on CMT Monday at sometime after they announce the winner.  Regardless of the outcome, it has been a lot of fun and a really cool ride.

Make sure to check out my schedule as I am updating it every few days with new dates and new cities.  If you live in Columbus, OH, or Bloomington, IN, I will be visiting you soon with some jokes.

Some people have been asking me about the cartoon thing and all I can tell you is that I am still trying to get someone to take a chance on it and I will hopefully know by the end of next month of it will be given a chance to bring some unique and original stylings to a network near you.  And my latest internet commercial series shall be coming up online soon.  I really think it might be some great stuff, we shall wait and see.

My Review Debut

I am happy to report that I have a legitimate review for my new album. I do not know the guy who reviewed the cd, did not give him money, did not promise him sexual favors (at least I think), and did not give him free drugs. I should also say that it has been a weird fascination of mine to feel like I needed a review by someone I did not know so that I could in some feel more legitimate.

This is a stupid desire as I have no control over whether or not someone reviews my album, but it was something I wanted nonetheless. I should clarify that the type of review did not matter to me. It could have been as bad as “someone please cut Ryan Singer’s mouth off with a dirty butter knife so that he may never tell another joke again,” or something rather glowing. I just wanted a review in general. If you are saying in your head right now, “You’re full of shit, Ryan!” I am not going to say you are crazy.  But, it is so.

I just always felt this was some form of validation ever since I was a kid and thought about having an album because I heard of and learned about so many through reviews. Having said all that, rather written all of that, you should check out the review I got from John Delery at Punchline Magazine.  The cool thing about this whole thing for me is that I go to Punchline multiple times everyday to check on stand up comedy news and things.  They’re a really awesome site if you’re a comedy fan.

I truly appreciate the ink, thanks. Here’s the link…or just click on the picture above the article.

I also really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought the album and has had such great things to say about it.  It means a lot to me that people seem to be enjoying the cd and hopefully more and more people will as well.  I am grateful for all the support, ya’ll.

Vote For Me on CMT!

So, this is pretty cool. I was selected as one of 12 finalist by CMT to compete in their “Next Big Comic” Contest” and it will take place on their website – Is this a ploy to drive traffic to their website and get some new visitors? Maybe it is, but as I have never allowed myself to compete in one of these contest before, I figured this one was a good first time.

You can vote as many times as you want (hint hint) and you can text FUNNY12 to 32709  – as many times as your wireless provider will allow!

I have not partaken in contests that require you to hassle people for votes because I find them annoying. But, they much like a lot of other things in this business, have become a common occurrence. I am looking forward to being a part of it because the other comics they selected are all really good and some of them are friends of mine. So, it is really cool to be included in their company for such a thing.

I apologize in advance if you get tired of my requests for votes, but keep in mind that this contest last 5 weeks if I make it to the end. It will either be me hassling you for over a month or less. Thanks so much if you do take the time to vote for me and help me get successful enough to not sleep on my futon. You are the best!