It has become abundantly clear that I am unable to properly keep up-to-date on this list so my apologies. Until the day comes when someone assists me in updating the site, I suppose the list of guests will be easily searchable through “The Experiences” page. If there is a past guest or topic you’re particularly interesting in finding, just type their name or topic into the search bar that is on the homepage and it will come up.

these are some of the beautiful souls that have been gracious enough to let me record them…

Sabrina Cognata
Erika Russ
Rhiannon Houch
Erica Russell
Lauren Brenner & Katie Manzella
Sunah Bilsted
Mike Weibe, John Tole, Joe Hafkey & Tim Messenger
Homer Shadowheart
Ed Hill
Bizcuit Corwin
Vincent Holiday
Dave Stone
Doug Mellard
Brent Weinbach
Tiffany Van Goey
Jet OlaƱo
Steve Hernandez
Andy Sell
Jessica Dewberry
Zach Ames
Kat Yeary
Miranda King
Karen Rontowski
Jeff Hutchinson
Miriam Katz
Nate Craig
Whitney Rice
Jake Dill
Susan Burke
Greg Nichols

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