Since the Experiences post on the main page, I’ve decided not to double-upload them to the site. They are available here though, so just take a scroll around and see what you like.

AVAILABLE 1/31/2014:

Origins – A short buffer and backstory that will allow any listener to jump right into to any Experience of the Mindcast.  It will explain why I believe it is more fun to believe and what led me to this way of thinking.

Experience One – Sabrina Cognata, an empath

Experience Two – Erika Russ, precognition dreams

You can read her beautiful writings, some of which are dreamworld inspired here http://victoriaolivia.wordpress.com/

Experience Three – Rhiannon Houch, an empath & reader


Experience Four – Austin Boys, precog dreams & memory
Experience Five – Erica Russell, clair-audio & empath
Experience Six – Lauren Brenner & Katie Manzella, Indigo Children
Experience Seven – Sunah Bilsted, ayahuasca & vision quests
Experience Eight – Tiffany Van Goey, tarot card reading & clairsentience


  2 comments for “Experiences

  1. Lynx
    March 6, 2019 at 5:53 am

    Hey, im not sure how to find it but I heard the podcast on therianthropy. Id just like to say thank you, our community is small and we’re super grateful for the piece. It was amazing 😁 I heard you mention how not all of us identify as wolves and I thought of a quote: “all fake therians are wolves but not all wolves are fake therians”. Basically all therians who aren’t actually therians choose wolves as their types.
    I also wanted to say that if you get messages from people who believe they are therians, please direct them to either therian nation (all social media sites) or therian guide.
    Avoid it.
    It’s trash.
    There is no therian truths.
    There is no therian magic.
    It’s absolutely rubbish.
    Please. Avoid it.
    Please visit therianguide.com (unless they changed it) for TRUE information.

  2. Lynx
    March 6, 2019 at 6:00 am

    Sorry, i know I already posted here but something else essential- the best information i ever found on therians was a YouTube channel called PD, pink dolphin therian. He makes amazing videos with great info for our community 😁

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