Experience Fourteen – Me & Paranormal You

I had a wonderful conversation with new friend Jessica Dewberry about being an empath and the steps to putting up a healthy defense against absorbing too many of others’ emotions and feelings. We talk about visions, growing up empathic, and the clairvoyant abilities that start showing themselves the more you focus.

Experience Seven of Me & Paranormal You

Great talk about lucid dreams, precognitive dreams, deja vu, and more with Mike Wiebe, John Tole, Joe Hafkey, and Tim Messenger while I was visiting Austin, Texas.  We had a couple dogs that joined us for the talk and at times try to eat the recording equipment, but this is a lively, funny, and enjoyable […]

Me & Paranormal You – Experience Four

I’m thrilled to make the new Experience available for you! I talk with my friend Erica about childhood seizures and thier connection to her heightened psychic antenna and we also discuss clairaudio.  I know you’ll enjoy it and thanks for listening.

Me & Paranormal You – Experience Three

I sat down with Rhiannon Houch to talk about being intuitive, having an exorcism, and then she read my Oracle cards.  I hope you enjoy the talk and another extra thank you to Rhiannon for being willing to talk to me publicly about these things as she had not previously done so.  A common theme […]

Experience Two with Erika Russ, precognition dreams

I have been in mad love with two women in my life.  The first was named Erika Russ.  My experiences with her and her beautiful mind and spirit have forever changed me for the better in more ways than I can express here.  I am so excited to share this talk with you about her […]