Third Ear Bonus – Strange Angel by George Pendle

Review of Strange Angel: the otherworldly life of scientist John Whiteside Parsons – by George Pendle. My thoughts and feelings along with other emotions and inspirations taken from the book about one of the most fascinating characters and real people from the history of science and magic. Jack Parsons lived a life that can only […]

Experience 54 – DMT Couch Sessions PART TWO

Part Two of the DMT Experience picks up where we left off last week – right when I smoked DMT for the first time with my buddy and fellow comedian, Shane Mauss. Be prepared to hear me try to explain the unexplainable and say the word “like” a ton of times. I am forever changed […]

Experience 52 – The First Year Ends

We have made it through one full year of Experiences with great talks, new friends, and wonderful insights about life and ourselves (at least myself, anyway). I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. My buddy who is part-time producer of the mindcast, Alex Stein, has selected a few clips from the […]

Experience 51 – Michael Casey, magician & premonitions

Magician Michael Casey talks with me via the mindline about how a near-death experience led him to a life of magic. We also talk about hypnosis, premonitions, coincidences, and how science and magic share the same worlds. All the Experiences are available at Please write a review if you have enjoyed the mindcast as […]

Experience 48 – Jono Zalay, Ph.D. in neuroscience

Oh yea! My buddy Jono Zalay stops over for a talk and he just happens to have a Ph.D. in neuroscience. It was a wonderful and very fun talk about the possibilities of all kinds of things and what we know about the brain and its power and potential.

Experience 47 – Amalia, the haunted Chaplin Court

Amalia, a writer and my new friend tells me a bit about haunted Hollywood with the alleged legend (allegend) of Chaplin Court. She discusses in detail what it is like to move into a home and immediately knowing that something else, something unseen is already living there. She sheds light on how ghosts and spirits […]