Experience 66 – Sharon Tenney, psychic medium

Sharon Tenney’s psychic experiences range from clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling). Many times she has “felt” or “seen” or “heard” voices and people in her readings. Sometimes they are mental images, and other times they are actual manifestations of spirit in the form of movies, literal touch, holographic images (spirits that look like […]

Edgar Cayce – 3rd Ear Bonus 11

Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) is considered the father of modern holistic medicine and was referred to as “the Sleeping Prophet” for his style of lying down on the couch during his trance readings. He covered many topics during his years doing readings including reincarnation, Akashich Readings, soul mates, and much more. Was he a […]

The Kennedy Report – April – 3rd Ear Bonus Ten

Mike Kennedy stops by to fill me on one of the prominent conspiracy theories that has been going around on the internet and within conspiracy circles for years – the Bush family connection to the Nazi party. You cannot ignore the evidence that is plain sight it turns out and it makes you wonder how […]

Chupacabra – 3rd Ear Bonus Nine

Chupacabra, “goat sucker” is the subject of today’s bonus content. Who and what is this cryptid? I walk us through a brief history of a cryptid who hasn’t been around all that long. www.meandparanormalyou.com www.ryansingercomedy.com 818-839-0593 Mindline avail on iTunes & Stitcher Radio

Experience 63 – The New Age Starlits, Jocelyn Cruz & Brooke Burgstahler

Joceylun Cruz and Brooke Burgstahler, the “New Age Starlits” stop by to tell me about the consciousness evolution and revolution. The talk was happening while Jocelyn’s boyfriend, Chris was crystal-healing their ball python snake, so the atmosphere was perfect for a fun, engaging, insightful talk about all things seen with the third eye. www.ryansingercomedy.com www.meandparanormalyou.com […]

Soul-Stealing Cameras – 3rd Ear Bonus Eight

Throughout the years different cultures have thought that cameras could steal the soul. Does taking a photo take a piece of your soul every time it happens? Why would they believe this? Depending on your beliefs in magick and voodoo, it is possible to make an assumption that it could be a part of you, […]

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If you rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes, we are happy to send you a downloadable link to the complete unabridged DMT Couch Sessions w/Shane Mauss. This is so you can listen to one of the most popular sequence of interviews with no interruption. If you don’t know already, my buddy Shane walked me through […]