Pineal Gland – 3rd Ear Bonus 16

The pineal gland has been depicted throughout the ages as the “third eye” that can see to another dimension, elevate consciousness, and help humans see the mysteries of the universe and beyond. Where is it actually located inside the human body? Deep inside the center of the human brain is the location of the pineal […]

Muses – 3rd Ear Bonus 14

Thalia, the muse of comedy is one of my favorite mythical characters to think about. I also believe that I have encountered two muses in my life, muses that were embodied in other people that had a profound impact on my life and helped me realize I was capable of even more than I thought. […]

Experience 68 – David Foster, Holistic medicine & addiction

David Foster, stand up comedian and expert of holistic medicine tells me about his spiritual and medicinal journey from the east to the west. We tell nicotine war stories and converse about the “beast” within and the vibration it occupies. A great talk with a very informative, funny, and articulate guy who makes some hard […]

Bootleg Ryan Singer Stand Up Comedy – 3rd Ear Bonus 13

For the 13th 3rd Ear Bonus I have decided to release a bootleg copy of a 40+ minute stand up comedy set that I performed that was improvised. The set took place at a magical basement theater that no longer exists called The Relapse Theater. The word “Relapse” was painted on the wall with a […]

Experience 67 – Myq Kaplan, ayahuasca & the skeptical mind

Myq Kaplan ( joins me for a wonderful discussion on ayahuasca, the science of our minds and the skeptic who would love to see. Myq has a great, brilliant, and scientific mind that is fun to discuss all things with, especially the paranormal and their likelihood of existence. Not all skeptical minds take journeys with […]