Experience 214 – Dave Zee, Host of Midnight Scario Podcast

Dave Zee, who runs a great paranormal podcast Midnight Scario joins me for a fun chat about a life leading into researching the paranormal. For the hardcore listeners, you’ll remember when we did a cross-over episode for one of the 13th Experiences and you got to hear the podcast. We go into personal stories about […]

The Eye of God by Manly P. Hall – 3rd Ear Bonus 150

I read Chapter 16 “They Eye of God” by Manly P. Hall as we recap and reinforce what it is to open our third eye. Interesting notes about the visible and invisible worlds that need to be kept in mind (no pun intended) when trying to rejuvenate or activate the pineal gland in our brain. […]

Global Consciousness Project – 3rd Ear Bonus 149

The Global Consciousness Project is run by Dr. Roger Nelson and is an off-shoot of PEAR Lab from Princeton University. It is a fascinating scientific study of the effects of events of global or mass consciousness. Other scientists question the GCP’s validity, but when examining the data and the fact that this may be our […]

Experience 210 – Renee Watt, Astrology & Spirit Guides

Renee Watt returns to the mindcast to discuss her journey through awakening with the aspects of Astrology and Spirit guides. We also discuss what it means to take your power back and build some grounding defenses for empaths. www.reneewattentertainment.com www.witchdoctorate.com www.instagram.com/rainbowglitterstar You can check out my new book here: ef=as_li_bk_tl/?tag=meandparanorm-20&linkId=255e5aeabb4c293f222578f65e9db6b6&linkCode=ktl”>https://www.amazon.com/Ryan-Singers-Composition-Notebook-Comedians/dp/1979825580/ref=as_li_bk_tl/?tag=meandparanorm-20&linkId=255e5aeabb4c293f222578f65e9db6b6&linkCode=ktl www.ryansingercomedy.com www.meandparanormalyou.com www.patreon.com/ryansinger www.society6.com/mapy – Merch available! […]

Experience 209 – DMT Couch Sessions w/Shane Mauss UNABRIDGED

The DMT Couch Sessions with Shane Mauss are being reposted here as the 4 year anniversary Experience of the mindcast. This is the unabridged edition for everyone instead of being broken into 3 parts. iTunes doesn’t make more than the last 250 available so I’ve put those up for people who don’t have access to […]

Ascension & Shift – 3rd Ear Bonus 148

Let’s get into updates on what is happening around us and try to get to the bottom of it to some degree where some of these ideas came from in the first place. An ever-changing topic that will need regular updating certainly, but what are we doing here??? That is the question I’m most concerned […]