Experience 38 – DNA activation

Miranda King tells me about how a random visitor and subsequent DNA activation procedure changed her life unexpectedly. In this fascinating retelling of events, I become aware of something I had no prior knowledge of beforehand. A really great talk and fun stuff to talk about.

Experience 37 – DMT & the Mountain

My buddy Jake Dill, a stand up comedian and often my fellow hiking companion on the mountain, stops by to talk about the the mountain and also his recent experiences with DMT and the changes in his life since. Whoa.

Experience Thirty One – Atlanta Crystals

I sit down with a bunch of comedian friends after a show at the Laughing Skull in Atlanta to talk about experiences outside the realm of normal and we learn a lot about each other and become closer due to what may be mystical experiences.  I am joined by Ian Aber, Remi Treuer, Josh Chodnovsky, […]

Live Forever Tonight Tour T-shirts!!!

Designed by the beyond description awesome Jenny Fine and produced through the ridiculously awesome www.ooshirts.com, the tour shirts are on the way to being delivered very soon! Would you like to own one of them? I would love to make that happen. I am going to try to keep a surplus of the shirts available […]