Experience 47 – Amalia, the haunted Chaplin Court

Amalia, a writer and my new friend tells me a bit about haunted Hollywood with the alleged legend (allegend) of Chaplin Court. She discusses in detail what it is like to move into a home and immediately knowing that something else, something unseen is already living there. She sheds light on how ghosts and spirits […]

Abortion vs Capital Punishment

Here’s a clip of the joke that is originally on HOW TO GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS, my first album. This was recorded at Nerdmelt Theater at Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood.

Experience 42 – Alien Q & A

Aliens have landed on Earth and we are now allowed to ask them any question we want. I have some of my own and also crowd-sourced a few from the internet for this Experience that is a bit of lighter fare after the heaviness of the past-life hypnosis session of the previous week.

Experience 39 – Ghost stories & weird happenings

This is one of the variable of 13 Experiences and there is definitely not another one like it. I would go into detail about what happened with this but it is all a bit too weird to be able to fully explain. I’m sure you’ll understand after listening, but know that technology was on the […]