Ryan Singer’s Comedy Notebook is HERE!

You can order your copy today of my new book that is available as of now! I’m very excited. Please use this link to go order your physical copy today or just come see me at a show sometime and you can pick up a copy there on the road. By purchasing here, you can […]

The Poison of Exclusivity

Kevin Kelly speaks on how evolution wants and tends toward complexity and specialization. I believe the evidence is there to support this idea in almost any life, art form or social construct. The longer something is around, the more complex and specialized it becomes – makes sense. But, that does not mean that over time […]

Three – Free comedy download

One night after dinner, Dave Ross and I decided to make a sketch comedy album. I have done this twice before, but this time I had help from a great buddy and a hilarious comedian. I hope you like it in all its ridiculously childish and made spur-of-the-moment glory. Not safe for work, but really […]

The Muse-ical Influences on My Comedy

Is there anything in this world better than stand up comedy? Not for me. What a privilege and honor it is to make a life doing something so silly as trying to create laughter. Thank you to everyone who has ever made this crazy dream survive as my reality. I am forever in the debt […]

IMMORTAL FOR NOW – The Disappearance of Ryan Singer (Part 1 of 5)

This is a documentary web series detailing the search for stand up comedian Ryan Singer, who has mysteriously gone missing. Interviews with his friends and colleagues have led to a connection to a strange man named Daedrick Daed. Has Ryan simply taken unannounced vacation or is their something more nefarious behind his disappearance?

Healing Crystals, a brief history – 3rd Ear Bonus 29

A brief introduction to the world, the history, and modern ideas of Crystal Healing. Who are the people who first believed in the powers of gem stones and other rocks? What does modern science have to say about those who purport the healing and positive benefits of stones and crystals? A fascinating history that goes […]

Experience 82 – James Roper, Shaolin Kung Fu & meditation

James Roper, a brilliant artist tells me all about his journey through Kung Fu and the meditation practices he has experienced. At what point does meditation transcend a daily practice and become something mystical? James details his most intense experience in cutting through the noise of daily life and what happened afterwards. We also get […]

Experience 48 – Jono Zalay, Ph.D. in neuroscience

Oh yea! My buddy Jono Zalay stops over for a talk and he just happens to have a Ph.D. in neuroscience. It was a wonderful and very fun talk about the possibilities of all kinds of things and what we know about the brain and its power and potential.