Shroud of Turin – 3rd Ear Bonus 147

The Shroud of Turin has been something very fascinating to me ever since I first heard of it as a child. I dig into some theories and the attempts to prove and debunk it as a real relic of Jesus of Nazareth. It is interesting how many different people and things have been done to […]

Cryptography – 3rd Ear Bonus 146

Diving into the origins of ciphers and codes briefly and how they tie into our interaction with the world around us today. The First Hermetic Principle of Mentalism ties directly into this idea that the world and its ancient wisdom is projected in the physical manifestations around us and we have to tap into it […]

Ryan Singer’s Comedy Notebook is HERE!

You can order your copy today of my new book that is available as of now! I’m very excited. Please use this link to go order your physical copy today or just come see me at a show sometime and you can pick up a copy there on the road. By purchasing here, you can […]