Love Over Hate – 3rd Ear Bonus 140

WARNING: this one is heavy and personal and not very paranormal Concerning the challenges I face and all of us face on a daily basis of trying to focus on love over hate. The idea that I could be eventually closed off to the capacity to forgive and even also to ask for forgiveness frightens […]

Theosophy – 3rd Ear Bonus 139

Theosophy can simply be put as the combination of theology and philosophy. There are so many interesting characters that come up in the history of theosophy and they are some of my favorite characters in the world of esoteric knowledge and the search for divine truth or the actual reality of our experiences. Hope you […]

Fulcanelli & Alchemy – 3rd Ear Bonus 138

Going deep down the rabbit-hole on Alchemy from the person who was allegedly the last great alchemist, Fulcanelli. Despite his disappearance being one of the most intriguing things about the man called Fulcanelli, most of this bonus ep focuses on if he was even a real person and what may just be the connections between […]

Francis Bacon – 3rd Ear Bonus 137

Join me as I go down the Francis Bacon rabbit-hole to find out just how incredible what he accomplished in life could actually be compared to what I and others probably thought they already knew. We are going so big here that all the connections to everything really blew my mind. Use this link to […]