Ouija Board History & Experience – 3rd Ear Bonus 136

The Ouija Board is by far the most well-known and most commercially successful divning tool that has ever been mass produced. Many years ago, it was an extremely popular parlour game and house party activity, but then something changed. The movie The Exorcist is probably one of the biggest culprits in turning the Ouija into […]

432 Hz – 3rd Ear Bonus 135

Was the original and more in-tune with nature standard of 432 Hz changed to 440 Hz for nefarious, global control reasons? Or was it simply just a standard chosen not-so-randomly for international reasons of replicability of sound? Also, I realized after recording that trying to convert spoken talk podcasting to 432 from 440 is a […]

The Poison of Exclusivity

Kevin Kelly speaks on how evolution wants and tends toward complexity and specialization. I believe the evidence is there to support this idea in almost any life, art form or social construct. The longer something is around, the more complex and specialized it becomes – makes sense. But, that does not mean that over time […]

Carnelian Crystal – 3rd Ear Bonus 134

Thanks to a listener Anna, I dive into what is my favorite crystal or gem stone – at least currently. There is so much to love about the potential and the magic inside a carnelian crystal. I almost always have it with me when I’m performing or doing anything that I want to be “on” […]

Super 7 & Personal Pyramid – 3rd Ear Bonus 133

Today’s 3rd Ear goes into many directions, including talking about a recent gem stone gift from AJ Finney called the Super 7. This stone has really kicked my dream recall and enhancement into super-high gear and it is very exciting to me. Also we discuss what it takes or how we get to the top […]