Cavity Structural Effect – 3rd Ear Bonus 132

Cavity Structural Effect is a fascinating rabbit hole that one can dive or crawl into quickly or slowly if they choose. This effect that is another way of saying that certain physical patterns in the form of cavity structures can create heat, cold and even anti-gravitational effects was first theorized by Viktor Grebennikov and the […]

The Lizard Man & Solar Eclipse – 3rd Ear Bonus 131

Let’s dive into the Cryptid Legend from 1988, The Lizard Man a bit so we can better examine what relationship reptilian humanoids have had on our folklore and mythology as humans. You may be surprised how intertwined reptiles and humans have been when it comes to the foundation of our beliefs systems. So, this South […]

Experience 185 – Eve Star, Psychic, Medium & Channeler with ETs

Eve Star joins me from the beautiful Australian city of Melbourne for a great chat about her journey into discovering her abilities. We discuss understanding that the difference between being a “normal” kid and diverging onto a path that taps into intuition, psychic abilities passed down from family members, and later channeling with ETs can […]

Midnight Scario Podcast – 3rd Ear Bonus 130

Midnight Scario is a podcast I think you’ll really like. It has Dave, Alina, CeeCee and Chris bringing you great discussions on all the things we love to chat about and investigate with our curious minds. As the 10th 13th 3rd Ear Bonus, I thought it a great opportunity to showcase their work and maybe […]

Messiahs – 3rd Ear Bonus 129

Is the Messiah walking amongst us now? How many people have called themselves the Messiah? It turns out quite a few people have claimed to be the Messiah and some have been called that by other people. I try to define the fine line between messiah, prophet and savior and discuss and wonder why we […]

Experience 183 – Sarah Shipman, Our Tarot Creator

Sarah Shipman joins me out on the road to discuss the creative and inspirational process of creating the Our Tarot deck. We have a delightful chat set up by our mutual friend, Olive. We get into the process of being inspired to create from scratch your very own tarot deck and why she chose to […]

Dream Breakthroughs – 3rd Ear Bonus 128

Dream Breakthroughs are certainly nothing new. In fact, they have been well-documented for quite a long time now, yet many people still question the validity of dreams being capable of giving us new information. I’m not sure why we fight against the acceptance of this phenomena other than that it is still a bit unexplainable […]