Experience 182 – Manly P Hall, Love of Truth

This is one of my favorite creatures to have ever lived and as this is a 13th Experience, the 14th 13th to be exact, I thought it good to share with you some of his words. I have included links to the the places that will send you down a rabbit-hole with him if you […]

Vampires – 3rd Ear Bonus 127

Vampires are one of the most popular yet one of the most unbelievable creatures in the world of supernatural and folklore. Is it possible there is a historical reason for their existence outside of an immortal bloodsucking being? Also, has someone uncovered the origins of the first ever vampire from ancient Greek texts? We dig […]

Quantum Teleportation – 3rd Ear Bonus 126

Last month, Chinese scientists teleported from Earth to Space using quantum teleportation and I ponder what this means for the future of human travel and evolution. www.ryansingercomedy.com www.meandparanormalyou.com www.patreon.com/ryansinger www.society6.com/mapy – Merch available! Artwork by James Roper 818-839-0593 Mindline Now available on Google Play Music! Please rate & review on iTunes! Thanks!

Grimoires – 3rd Ear Bonus 125

Grimoires or books of magick date back over 2500 years to the first known magical inscriptions on ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets of clay. After the invention of print, they were able to further spread as magical information around the globe. The year 1801 is the year the word “grimoire” was really cemented to mean magical […]