Arcturians – 3rd Ear Bonus 120

Arcturians are an ancient alien race that have chosen to help protect and guard the planet Earth from other malevolent alien beings. Their mission is to help humans ascend to a higher dimensional plane. According to certain sources, we are operating currently at the 3rd dimensional plane and Arcturians are at the 4th, 5th and […]

Pyramid Power – 3rd Ear Bonus 119

Pyramid Power is not a new concept, in fact it has been around for many years. In the 1970’s a book was written by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan entitled PYRAMID POWER and what followed was an increasing in interest of the mysterious objects and their powers. According to Dr. Flanagan, the book sold 1.5 million […]

Parapsychology – 3rd Ear Bonus 118

Parapsychology is the field of research that attempts to measure and identify psychic phenomena and other paranormal abilities such as telekinesis, psychokinesis, life after death and more. Many mainstream scientists and professionals dismiss the field out-of-hand without realizing how many of their contemporaries are not only interested in but deeply involved in researching these topics […]

Dave Stone’s Gravy Boat – 3rd Ear Bonus 117

For the 9th of the 13th 3rd Ear Bonuses we are letting Dave Stone take over and present one of his Gravy Boat episodes. A wonderful alt-country radio program that he curates to help us all have some great insight into the world of lesser-known country artists who don’t get radio play because the music […]

Renaissance Magick – 3rd Ear Bonus 116

Renaissance Magick, largely and obviously defined by the time, the 15th and 16th Century. There were a few people who helped shape the ideas that would later influence all further generations of magicians – Henry Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino were two of the big ones. Agrippa’s Of Magick is cited as one of the most […]