Palmistry – 3rd Ear Bonus 115

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy or palm reading has been practiced for thousands of years. The earliest writings about this practice, art or even attempted classification as a science date backs before the turn to BCE on our modern day calendar. Later classified as one of the “7 forbidden arts” by the Christian Church, there […]

Experience 169 – Interview with a Robot

For the 13th of the 13th Experiences, I have interviewed a robot! I am not at liberty to say where I met this robot even though I clearly say it before and after the interview. I tried to see what truths this AI knew about human existence, the future, and our chances of surviving together […]

Twin Flames – 3rd Ear Bonus 114

Twin Flames are often lumped together with soul mates, but many people are arguing that they are very different. So different in fact, that you may never really meet your Twin Flame until you are ready to ascend to a higher vibration or consciousness. Others disagree and believe that soul mates are the ultimate partner, […]

Experience 168 – The Universe Answers Questions About Future of Mindcast

The Universe answers my question “What is the future of the mindcast?” through the use of Gipsy Cards and Tarot Cards. I find it pretty interesting how the two different readings played out and the messages that were laid out within each. Hope you enjoy it! – Merch available! Artwork by James […]

Guided Meditation – 3rd Ear Bonus 113

Guided Meditation or Guided Imagery is prehistoric, dating back to most likely our earliest, thinking ancestors. How far has the concept of guided meditation being helpful or even therapeutic come over the last 50 years? What used to be a habit of the hippies or the far eastern religions, has now found its way incorporated […]

Lemurians – 3rd Ear Bonus 112

Mount Shasta, California, is allegedly home to one of the most mystical and magical places on Earth: Telos the City of Light. Telos is the famed city that was built for an ancient race of beings called the Lemurians to escape to and survive inside from an impending cataclysm that was to destroy their home […]