Automatic Writing – 3rd Ear Bonus 111

Automatic Writing is not a new phenomenon that just sprung up with the “New Age” movement dating back to the 1970’s or around that time. It has been around for quite a long time and is arguably one of the foundations of all things paranormal and even religious. Whether you are talking about the Bible […]

Portals – 3rd Ear Bonus 110

This week we dive into portals: time, space, dimensional. Are they possible and do they exist in physical form already on earth? There are some who claim to have found portals here on earth built into the geography or as a part of the natural landscape possibly. I examine why they may not be as […]

Experience 164 – Scarlet Ravenswood, Paganism & Magick

Scarlet Ravenswood joins me from across the country to discuss her journey into becoming interested in things outside the realms of normal. She is a pagan who practices magick, reads tarot, and much much more. We have a great chat about being a solo witch and what it takes to find a coven of those […]

Electric Universe – 3rd Ear Bonus 109

The Electric Universe Theory is not just a new idea about how the universe operates, shapes itself and originated – it is a major paradigm shift in the way we understand our existence. According to many engineers, scientists, and other curious minds, The Law of Gravity is no longer the boss in the office of […]

Experience 163 – Doug Mellard, Depression & Micro-dosing

Doug Mellard returns to the mindcast to discuss his troubles with anxiety, depression and what he has been doing about it recently that has been very beneficial. We discuss his method of micro-dosing psilocybin or “magic” mushrooms and the effects it has on his life outside of helping ease his anxiety and treat his depression. […]

The Holographic Universe – 3rd Ear Bonus 108

The Holographic Universe is a theory that was purported by author Michael Talbot in the early 1990’s and has grown in popularity ever since. He combined theories of Bohm and Prigram into a theory that the universe itself was a 3D projection from a 2D source that would allow and help to explain many phenomena […]

Experience 162 – Jenny Ashford, Paranormal Investigator & Author

Jenny Ashford joins me for a chat about her life as an author and paranormal investigator/researcher. She details her journey from someone interested in the world of supernatural and mystical and how she became and ardent believer through personal experience. She also blows my mind with a new way of looking at poltergeist phenomena that […]