Ascension – 3rd Ear Bonus 107

Let us go down into the topic of rising up, leveling up, or evolving to a higher consciousness. Throughout time, many people have claimed to have the answer to everyone’s ascension process and the modern days have no shortage of people claiming to have the right recipe to help you achieve immortality, a higher vibrational […]

Runes – 3rd Ear Bonus 106

Runes are stones that can divine the future or possibly tools to be used in magick. Or maybe they are just tangible ways to keep an old Germanic alphabet alive, possibly remnants of the language that has survived. The oldest forms were made from wooden slips and the Elder Futhark was composed of 24 letters […]

Experience 160 – Andy Norris, UFO’s & Nuclear Power

Andy Norris, a mechanical engineer talks to me about his experiences seeing Unidentified Flying Objects and his thoughts on the use and future of nuclear energy. Andy and I first connected right after I had watched the documentary Pandora’s Promise on Netflix and that doc really made me reconsider my harsh and quite frankly, highly […]

Sungazing – 3rd Ear Bonus 105

This 3rd Ear Bonus neither condones nor condemns sungazing as an activity. Please research more on your own before attempting to partake in the practice of sungazing. I am doing it myself and will later discuss the findings I have through the process, but do recommend seeing your doctor before and after this activity if […]

Experience 159 – Josh Shear, Freemason

Josh Shear, a Freemason, talks with me about what caught his interest in the esoteric brotherhood and why and how he ended up joining the group. Although it may seem as if it is some “secret” society, there is true effort by the group to keep themselves in the shadows necessarily. We discuss the limits […]

2 Years of 3rd Ears Recap – 3rd Ear Bonus 104

After two full years of 3rd Ear Bonuses, I recap what the journey has been like digging into so many different topics and areas of the paranormal, supernatural, mystical, and esoteric. I also go on tangents, ramblings, and may even get a bit emotional talking about how hard it is to say “I love you” […]


My latest t-shirt design is now available for purchase directly from me here at the website store! I decided to make this shirt as an homage to THE FUTURE IS FEMALE shirts that are so cool and to tip a hat to all the ancient astronaut theorists and the fans of those theories out there. […]