Shapeshifting – 3rd Ear Bonus 98

Shapeshifting, morphing or metamorphing are terms used when a person can transform into another person, animal or thing. This is not a modern idea as it is detailed in the world’s oldest written story, The Epic of Gilgamesh. Why have humans been fascinated with shapeshifting for so long if it is not a reality? Maybe […]

Freemasonry – 3rd Ear Bonus 97

Freemasonry has long been known or one of the more well-known “secret societies” that operate within our country and around the world. Conspiracy theorists have long-associated them with The New World and even the Illuminati, but what are they really? I investigate what it means to be a Mason or a Freemason and even how […]

The History of the Paranormal – 3rd Ear Bonus 96

A journey to try and uncover the origins of the world of paranormal studies and investigations. When did the other-worldly break off from the supposed “normal” mysteries? Charles Fort is the likely god father of all things paranormal and thus, the term “Fortean” is very fitting. I try and breakdown the main thorough fares of […]

Mysticism – 3rd Ear Bonus 95

Mysticism has been around since human beings have been able to wonder questions like, “Who are we? Why are we?” I travel back to try and find some foundational pieces of information that have formed the structures of mysticism all these years. Mystics have always been very fascinating and beautiful to me and part of […]