Chakras – 3rd Ear Bonus 89

Chakras have really exploded into the mainstream consciousness the last 5 years, but what may surprise you is just how long they’ve been around. The connected world that we currently live in has many benefits and the understanding of the human body from different perspectives and from ancient traditions is one of them. Is it […]

The Heinz 57 & Alien Disclosure – 3rd Ear Bonus 88

DISCLAIMER: I mispronounce Tom Delonge’s name multiple times because I’m a big dummy, so please forgive me! Let’s talk about alien disclosure, the Heinz 57 alien council, and just what will it take for us to be finally told the truth about extraterrestrials visiting and living here on the planet Earth. – Merch […]

Animal Communication – 3rd Ear Bonus 87

Considering we are all animals, I dig into the rabbit hole of communicating with other species and amongst ourselves and all the different ways it is possible and happening. I try to get to shine some light on whether or not we can telepathically communicate with each other and even other animals. Many believe we […]

Ryan Calls Adam, a Listener – 3rd Ear Bonus 86

Going through messages on the Mindline and I decided to give Adam a call after we had exchanged a few brief messages and I learned that he works a 2nd shift job and is always up late. I’m always up pretty late and thought it would be fun to chat really quick and it turned […]

Experience 140 – Shane Mauss Returns

Shane Mauss (previous guess for the DMT Couch Sessions & more) returns to chat with me about his latest adventures with DMT, his huge 65 city tour for the show Good Trip he has embarked upon, and much more. Always a great time chatting with Shane and this one is no different. – […]

Underground Cities – 3rd Ear Bonus 85

There are more than a handful of myths surrounding underground cities and I try to dig them up a bit on this week’s 3rd Ear Bonus. There are a couple that are not too far from where I live and I do believe that I have found my next field trip to explore. I think […]