The Right Hand Path aka White Magick – 3rd Ear Bonus

The Right Hand Path or White Magick or Light Magick has even more names, but its origins are the same as the Left Hand Path or Dark Magick. Helena Blavatsky first made the distinction between the two types of magic or at least she is credited with doing so in 1877. The Right Hand Path […]

Experience 138 – Open Your Mindline w/Kate Macias

Kate Macias joins me for the 2nd installment of the Open Your Mindline. I possibly chose a bad time to have the lines during the daytime on a weekday, but Kate and I had some fun chatting about all kinds of things and we call a few people back, but then listen to some listener […]

Visit Georgia Guidestones – 3rd Ear Bonus 83

During a recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia, I make my way out to the Georgia Guidestones, also known as The American Stonehenge. There is rampant speculation about the nature of the message or “guidelines” that are engraved into the guidestones in languages from across the globe, but one thing is certain – the people behind […]

Left Hand Path – 3rd Ear Bonus 82

The Left-Hand Path of magick is often described as “black” or “dark.” But, why? Are those on the Left-Hand Path, hell-bent evil witches wanting of destruction? Madame Helena Blavatsky is credited with coining the term in the late 19th Century after traveling to India and Asia and meeting many mystics. The term comes from Sanskrit […]

Experience 136 – Ben Mezrich, Author of The 37th Parallel

Author Ben Mezrich joins me to discuss the 37th Parallel and the man obsessed with discovering the unexplainable – Chuck Zukowski. Ben is the author of 18 books, most notably a couple books that the hit movies The Social Network and 21 were based off. We have a great chat about the the possibilities of […]