Screen Memories – 3rd Ear Bonus 81

Screen Memories are defined by Merriam-Webster as false memories that replace traumatic early childhood memories. Many people experience similar archetypes when having regression therapy through hypnosis such as owls, deer, people of authority like police or firemen and even clowns. It is theorized that these figures are screens or replacements for the actual entity that […]

Experience 135 – Jordan Doll, Cryptids

Stand up comedian and writer Jordan Doll sits down to discuss his obsession with cryptids and all things weird. We’ve been trying to get this chat on the record for a while so it was great fun to finally get it done. Jordan has spent a ton of time writing and researching about the creatures […]

Taos Hum – 3rd Ear Bonus 80

The Taos Hum has been reported for many years, yet it is still unable to be recorded as a physical sound. Why are so many people experiencing this auditory phenomena while many cannot? There are Hums all around the world being detected by small percentages of people and there have even been people driven to […]

Experience 134 – Ralph White, New Consciousness Pioneer

Ralph White joins me to discuss his memoir THE JEWELED HIGHWAY that details his remarkable life traveling around the globe looking for answers, encountering holisitic learning centers, helping launch new consciousness training programs, and what is yet to be done. He is truly one of the people at the forefront of what many people refer […]

Esoteric Wisdom – 3rd Ear Bonus 79

Is there a hidden knowledge only held by those in charge of the world or is this knowledge hidden only in the sense that we have not sought it out? We discuss the ancient wisdom origins and what it could possibly mean to begin to access it. Esotericism could be more about self-enlightenment that gaining […]

Author William Metaphor – 3rd Ear Bonus 78

The 6th installment of the 13th Series for the 3rd Bonus brings us an audio excerpt from an author promoting his upcoming memoir. William Metaphor, according to his own words was born a long time ago and has lived a life of adventure with many lost loves. More information about the release of the book […]

Intro to Reptilians – 3rd Ear Bonus 77

I dive into the basics of what Reptilians are how they are part of the conspiracy conversation. We can thank David Icke for bringing them to the forefront of the conspiratorial mind and you may be surprised of the origins of David Icke’s fascination and belief in their existence. There’s a lot going on here […]