The Flat Earth Theory – 3rd Ear Bonus 75

The Flat Earth Theory is older than I thought and it has been long dismissed even longer than I thought, as well. There is a recent upswelling of belief in the theory and I am going to be be digging deeper into as part of a multiple series of 3rd Ear Bonuses. This is an […]

Doppelgangers – 3rd Ear Bonus 74

Doppelgangers have been around for a while, but I don’t mean your actual doppelganger or mine. Or do I? The concept of having another self that is walking around as an exact physical copy but with different personality characteristics has been throughout folklore, literature and pop culture for some time, but why does it always […]

Experience 128 – Kristin Rand, Tarot & a Reading

Kristin Rand joins me for another wonderful, in-depth talk about her journey in tarot and we dive into the cards. We discuss what makes for a comfortable and good reading for us and for others, while trying to define the parameters of what it means to invest emotionally into tools for self-improvement. She is a […]

The Mandela Effect – 3rd Ear Bonus 73

The Mandela Effect is a name for when a person or group of people remember a past event happening that “didn’t” happen or remember it happening differently. This is named after a large group of unconnected people believing that Nelson Mandela had died in prison many years before being released and later dying at home […]

Experience 127 – Open Your Mindline

Our first ever Open Your Mindline Experience! I took calls during a specific pre-arranged time and recorded them for consumption. I had a lot of fun doing this, so rest assured, I will do this again. Next time I will make it possible for international callers by also making the Skype available during the timeframe. […]