Celtic Tree of Life – 3rd Ear Bonus 68

The Tree of Life is a symbol for so many people and so many things. I dig into its origins a bit and find a connection to my ancestors that seems like more than just a coincidence, at least to me. Whether it is Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, one thing is certain and that is […]

Sacred Geometry – 3rd Ear Bonus 67

Sacred Geometry is behind, inside, and outside of every single thing we know, see, and feel. Is there an intelligent design that goes into the creation of all things from its smallest part to its largest? Science seems to think so, but it is a source of debate whether or not there is something or […]

Experience 119 – Geoff Tate, Exorcisms & The Pastor Father

Geoff Tate, brilliant comedian and one of my oldest and bestest of friends sits down with me to discuss his childhood as a pastor’s son. From moving constantly from new city to new city to witnessing on-the-spot exorcisms, there’s a lot going on in this chat because when we get together there’s not shortage of […]

Georgia Guidestones – 3rd Ear Bonus 64

The Georgia Guidestones are more than a bit of a mystery. They were erected on March 22, 1980 and allegedly authored by R.C. Christian. They contain 10 guidelines in 8 different languages that all seem pretty aligned with peace and understanding except for the first one – maintain world population under 500,000,000 people. Why would […]