The Boogeyman – 3rd Ear Bonus 63

The Boogeyman or the Bogeyman or many other iterations has been around for quite some time. He, she, or it may be one of the oldest paranormal “monsters” or entities that we as human beings have been talking about. The legend goes way, way back and pre-dates many of the modern day versions or other […]

Experience 117 – The Road Changes a Man

Experience 117 means it is the 9th of the 13th Experiences! This means I do something hopefully unexpected and totally unpredictable. Tonight, we debut “The Road Changes a Man” Episode 1 – with my guests Dave Stone and Andy Sandford. We discuss the ways in which the road will change a man and other things […]

Sympathetic Magic – 3rd Ear Bonus 62

Sympathetic Magic is considered by some to be the foundation of most, if not all modern day magic and magical belief systems. Sir James Frazer and Michael Andree wrote about in the late 19th century and since then, its core principles have found themselves as the core laws and beliefs of many of the contemporary […]

Fairy Circles & Fairy Rings – 3rd Ear Bonus 61

Fairy Circles and Fairy Rings are quite different in actual physical form, but they have been called the same things. I breakdown the difference and focus on the latter for their mythical and supernatural attributions. A poem, “The Stolen Child” by W.B. Yeats kicks it all off as it ties in fairies and their origins […]

Akashic Records – 3rd Ear Bonus 60

The Akashic Records are rumored to be a permanent recording of everything that has ever happened in the universe. Whether it be your past lives, your emotions, or your words in every conversation that has ever happened with another person or even in your head, the Akashic Records have recorded them. If there is this […]

Experience 114 – Jason Louv, Magickal Traditions

Jason Louv, author, creator of, and all-around modern day mystic sits down with me to chat about all things magick. We get into his beginnings and what sparked his interest in learning, studying, and devoting a life the pursuit of understanding magickal traditions from across the world and throughout time. Check out more of […]