Dimensional Jumping – 3rd Ear Bonus 59

Dimensional Jumping or going to another reality’s version of yourself to find answers, gain knowledge, or just to live a better life seems to be gaining momentum online with people. Many claim that a few simple techniques can unlock this substantial power to hack into the framework of our lives and access any of the […]

Cryptozoology – 3rd Ear Bonus 58

Cryptozoology has its roots in zoology, an acknowledged scientific field held in high regard. I examine the origins and beginnings of cryptozoology, cryptids, and the people who are responsible for establishing and pushing the field forward. This discipline of “scientific” research may be much, much older than you think. Audio from Manly P. Hall’s lecture […]

Experience 112 – Bobcat Goldthwait, Bigfoot enthusiast

Bobcat Goldthwait, filmmaker, comedian, writer, and Bigfoot enthusiast joins me for a great talk about making a film about Sasquatch and how he has become a member of the community in Willow Creek during and after making his movie of the same name. We have a great chat the covers a lot of ground and […]

Alchemy – 3rd Ear Bonus 57

Alchemy, one of the oldest sciences that has been discarded or written off by it ancestors. Is there more to alchemy than just the transmutation of metals or materials into gold or silver? Can we figure out a way to use the philosopher’s stone to crack the code of immortality? www.meandparanormalyou.com www.ryansingercomedy.com 818-839-0593 Mindline www.society6.com/mapy

Experience 110 – Katherine Aageson, UFOs & Alien Encounters

The terrifically funny and talented Katherine Aageson stops by to tell me about her personal history with UFO and alien encounters. It is with great thanks that I listen to people tell me their stories, especially when they have become accustomed to being judged in a negative way for sharing the things that have experienced […]

Three – Free comedy download

One night after dinner, Dave Ross and I decided to make a sketch comedy album. I have done this twice before, but this time I had help from a great buddy and a hilarious comedian. I hope you like it in all its ridiculously childish and made spur-of-the-moment glory. Not safe for work, but really […]

Necromancy – 3rd Ear Bonus 55

Communicating with the dead or raising someone from the dead in order to obtain hidden information, learn of future events, or even to use the person being raised as a weapon – these are some of the reason people have partaken in the practice of necromancy. Is it possible to conjure an apparition or even […]