Remote Quantum Healing – 3rd Ear Bonus 54

Remote Quantum Healing or Remote Healing is a practice of healing one’s emotional or physical pain through the manipulation of energy which constitutes all matter. Is it possible to cure ourselves of physical pain through energy work? I discuss my trip to the Conscious Life Expo at the Hilton LAX this past weekend. […]

Experience 108 – Yasmin Joyner, Daily UFO sightings

Yasmin Joyner, aka @n3rdshaman walks me through what it is like once she discovered she could see UFOs regularly and in broad daylight in the city of Los Angeles. What changes in her life made this possible and could we all do this? The answers may surprise you as she walks me through what it […]

ORMUS – 3rd Ear Bonus 53

David Hudson was a farmer who noticed something unfamiliar in his soil one day. What happens next could quite possibly be one of the most transformative discoveries in modern times. Many will say that it is all psuedoscience or quackery, but there are also many who believe in the magical nature of ORMEs and extoll […]

Aerokinesis – 3rd Ear Bonus 51

Aerokinesis, the ability to manipulate air molecules with one’s mind is the topic for this week’s 3rd Ear Bonus. People not only claim to be able to do this subsect of Pyschokinesis, but many also claim to be able to teach you how to do it. I try to get to the origins of this […]