Astrology – 3rd Ear Bonus 50

Astrology used to have a seat at the grown-up science table, but things have changed in the last few hundred years. Why? With its origins dating back possibly as far as 25,000 years, astrology has definitely been a tool of the human creature for as long as we could gaze and ponder at the stars […]

Precognition – 3rd Ear Bonus 49

Precognition or “before thought” or knowing something in advance of it happening in the process of linear time is this week’s topic. I search for evidence and instances of predictions, fortunes, and more to show that there are clear cases of precognition that we just don’t talk about. I examine some of the most famous […]

The Windigo – 3rd Ear Bonus 48

The Windigo has many names and many spellings, not to mention many tales associated with it and its origin. A flesh-eating monster or a spirit that inhabits humans to make them desire the taste of human blood? Depending on who you ask, your answer may be different. But, one thing that is not debated is […]

Experience 102 – Paul Lyons, UFO’s, lost time & ghosts

Paul Lyons sits down with me to discuss experiences spanning his lifetime that include – UFO sighting and the phenomenon of lost time, ghosts, and psychic connection that saved his life. We talk about a lot and it was all very fascinating and at times pretty emotional. Being able to meet people like Paul and […]

The Bermuda Triangle – 3rd Ear Bonus 47

The Bermuda Triangle has a very fascinating reputation and it much of it based on unexplainable events that have occurred within its boundaries. What are these boundaries and why has it been called “The Devil’s Triangle?” I investigate its origins, its stories and what the skeptics are saying about it. Although not officially recognized by […]

Experience 101 – Lori Curtis Eskew, Psychic Medium

Lori Curtis Eskew, a psychic medium talks with me at the haunted comedy club while I was visiting Mason City, Illinois – MC Limits Comedy Club. We talk about her journey to understanding her abilities, the affects it had on her growing up, and the difficult questions and answers people sometimes get when trying to […]