Concave Earth Theory – 3rd Ear Bonus 46

The Concave Earth Theory is a fascinating theory about the truth our physical home being quite the opposite of what we perceive it to be. What if it was not true that we lived on the outside of this floating sphere, but we in fact were living on the inside of it and only perceive […]

The Three Wise Men – 3rd Ear Bonus 45

The Three Wise Men is a famous Christmas time story and is referenced in the Gospel of Matthew in the Christian Bible. Who were these mysterious men who came with gifts for the baby Jesus after he was born? What is the star that they followed? Could it be explained by modern science in astronomical […]

Human Cloning – 3rd Ear Bonus 44

Have humans been cloned without the general public’s knowledge? It has been nearly 20 years since the famous case of Dolly, the first cloned mammal. Dolly the cloned sheep lived to almost 6.5 years before dying of lung cancer. Many scientists have since made claims of advancements in genetic cloning of other mammals, including humans, […]

Experience 98 – John Tole, the Cult of Fuck Yeah

John Tole returns to the mindcast and we discuss everything and we get deep into what “the juice” is and how we get it. We discuss his formation of the Cult of Fuck Yea and the way he goes about living his life interacting with strangers. The beautiful and multi-faceted mind of John is always […]

Do Easy – 3rd Ear Bonus 43

The “Do Easy” technique, method or magick is something I first discovered because of an article written on William S. Burroughs and his affiliation with Chaos Magick. What a fascinating world with fascinating characters Chaos Magick is turning out to be. This Do Easy style of living is quite simple – Do everything the easiest […]

The Muse-ical Influences on My Comedy

Is there anything in this world better than stand up comedy? Not for me. What a privilege and honor it is to make a life doing something so silly as trying to create laughter. Thank you to everyone who has ever made this crazy dream survive as my reality. I am forever in the debt […]

Experience 97 – Immortal For Now & More

Immortality is the discussion on today’s experience as I dig a bit deeper into a subject that has mine and many other people’s attention as we get “smarter” and more “advanced” as a species. My 3rd full-lenght stand up comedy album is released today IMMORTAL FOR NOW is the name and I’m very excited to […]

Quantum Immortality – 3rd Ear Bonus 42

Quantum Immortality and Quantum Suicide are concepts, thought experiments that first gained traction over 50 years ago. Is there a place for the mystical or metaphysical to be considered alongside quantum mechanics? Many well-known scientists of the past and currently are at odds over the relationship between the science of the mind and the body […]