Experience 92 – Dani Fernandez, chasing ghosts & the dog psychic

Dani Fernandez, comedian, writer, and actor stops by to tell me about her lifelong fascination with the other side. We also discuss exploring all options, including the possibilities of attachments and possession when dealing with a mysterious auto-immune disorder. What does her dog have to say about it all? Well, former guest Karen Rontowski and […]

Orgone Energy – 3rd Ear Bonus 37

Dr. Whilhelm Reich was a renowned psychiatrist and protege of Sigmund Freud. He discovered orgone – the hypothetical universal life force. He went on to build the orgone accumulator and claimed that it could cure illnesses, including cancer. He was called a kook and a fraud and eventually jailed for his work, where he died […]

Experience 91 – Comedy Wonder Town Radio Play

Experience 91, as you probably know is the 7th multiple of 13 and therefore it will be something unlike any of the other Experiences thus far (hopefully). I believe that we have delivered on this promise with something that I made a few years ago for a project that likely lives in video form somewhere […]

Dulce Base – 3rd Ear Bonus 36

The Dulce Base is a purported alien/human base that has many things that are unexplained, potentially life-changing if true, and downright scary. It is difficult to find any hard evidence about its existence and the goings-ons of the people or even things that occupy its space. Is it possible that there is an underground base […]

Experience 90 – Jeremy Alva, mystery dream visitations

Jeremy Alva returns to tell me more about his life’s journey with psychic abilities. We also get into a deep personal discussion about his past, his family and try to figure out if certain dream visitations are indicative of a bigger story. Is someone telling him that they need his help while he is asleep? […]

Leprechauns – 3rd Ear Bonus 35

Discuss the origins and lore of leprechauns – a type of fairy in Irish folklore. It is usually depicted as a little bearded man, wearing a coat and hat, who partakes in mischief. Is it possible that these magical and mystical creatures exist and spend most of their time fixing and mending shoes? And legend […]

Experience 88 – Crystal Healing w/ Katie Manzella

We recorded an interview immediately after Katie performed her crystal healing session on me. I was a bit loopy at the beginning probably from the energy and experience. The longer I live on this spinning orb through space, the more I realize just how many truly remarkable experiences are yet to be had. I feel […]