A-Live Recording – 9/2 at Echoes Under Sunset @ 8PM

I am very excited to announce that the first in the monthly installment of A-Live Recordings of the mindcast will be taking place at the wonderful art gallery & performance space Echoes Under Sunset in Echo Park, California. You may remember the first attempt at a live interview in front of an audience with Andy […]

Mindcast artwork for merchandise by James Roper

Holy goodness! I am so excited to show you the designs that James Roper (Experience 82) has worked up for the mindcast’s debut merchandising options. I will make these available in t-shirt, sticker, and maybe even other options depending on what people may want. Well, enough of that, let’s see the brilliant mind of James […]

The Djinn (Continued) – 3rd Ear Bonus 28

My fascination with Djinn has not waned since doing my first 3rd Ear Bonus about them and then reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s wonderful and comprehensive book The Djinn Connection. For personal reasons, the djinn have been on my mind quite a bit since my interview with the ex-girlfriend who could morph and for reasons of […]

Experience 82 – James Roper, Shaolin Kung Fu & meditation

James Roper, a brilliant artist tells me all about his journey through Kung Fu and the meditation practices he has experienced. At what point does meditation transcend a daily practice and become something mystical? James details his most intense experience in cutting through the noise of daily life and what happened afterwards. We also get […]

Creative Insomnia – 3rd Ear Bonus 27

A somewhat deeper look into what happens when the human brain is deprived of its sleep and its affect on the creation process and creativity. Many people believe that it aids creativity and others believe that it does quite the opposite. Is there a magic that can only be tapped into when we are unable […]

Experience 81 – Daniel Earle, the Brown Mountain Lights

Daniel Earle, aka Story Daniels, a musician from Asheville, North Carolina, gives me an in-depth background of the ghostly phenomena known as the Blue Mountain Lights. They are often seen in the mountain side and sky over Blue Mountain, located just outside of Asheville. Daniel’s curiosity let him to check them out for himself and […]

A Live Experience One – 3rd Ear Bonus 26

Live recording at the Nerdist School Stage in Los Angeles with standup comedian and unicorn connoisseur, Andy Erikson. Our first attempt at recording an interview in front of a live “studio” audience, if you will. Andy and I have a fun, wonderful talk about deceased relatives acting as guardian angels, the encouragement of believing by […]

Time Travel – 3rd Ear Bonus 25

Discuss the evidence or at least the purported evidence of time travelers that have made news on the internet and into our folklore. Are any of them legitimate and if someone really traveled through time would we ever even know about it? www.meandparnormalyou.com www.ryansingercomedy.com 818-839-0593 Mindline