Third Ear Bonus Seven – Multiverse

I walked us (me) through a more formal introduction into the multiverse, a topic, word, phrase that finds its way coming up a lot during interviews with guests. Such and expansive field of research and information on the subject, mirroring the expansion of the known universe itself in some beautiful symmetry of sorts. I walk […]

Experience 61 – Noah Gardenswartz, time travel

Noah Gardenswartz, stand up comedian, a beautiful mountain of a man who is obsessed with time travel stops by to talk about the prospect of traveling through space-time and its implications on the now and our minds. We also kick off the Experience by examining a picture taken by two-time guest, Susan Burke, who has […]

Third Ear Bonus Six – Synchronicity

Synchronicity is this week’s 3rd Ear topic and I discuss various times in my life that is has amplified the choices I have made. What is synchronicity and what does it have real significance in our lives or is it just a random feeling with no intent. Is the universe telling us to go with […]

Experience 60 – Billy Wayne Davis, kundalini yoga & DMT

Billy Wayne Davis joins me for a talk about the transformative effects of kundalini yoga and smoking DMT in his life. Billy and I go way back we have a great time talking about all kinds of things, including his diagnosis of why I am still single. for stand up tour dates for […]

Third Ear Bonus Five – The Kennedy Report – March 2015

Mike Kennedy, a former private eye who is now a stand up comedian and is up to date on all the latest conspiracy theories fills me on the latest and greatest in the world of what’s really happening. We talk about the current conspiracy theory that has the most people talking online each month in […]

Experience 59 – John Tole, musical healing

John Tole, stand up comedian and endless well of metaphysical musings stops by to talk about ghosts, mystics, and how he uses music to heal. Check him out at 818-839-0593 Mindline

Third Ear Bonus Four – Animal Totems

Animal totems are very prevalent and widespread in cultures across the world and throughout human’s history. What could these connections to animals tell us about ourselves, our past and even our future? I do a little research and talk about my fascination with lizards and the belief that they are my animal totem. […]

Experience 58 – Jim Harold, Paranormal podcast pioneer

Jim Harold, one of the best paranormal podcast hosts out there lets me pick his brain about what it means to live a life of the paranormal. He has been trying to spread the word of the paranormal online since 2005 and his large audience was earned and is well-deserved. He is definitely one of […]

Third Ear Bonus Three – Sleep Paralysis

A deeper look into Sleep Paralysis after I have a strange occurrence in the middle of the night a few days ago that I have not been able to explain. What used to be known as “Old Hag Syndrome” can often be a terrifying and at times traumatic event for people and I investigate the […]