Third Ear Bonus – DMT Retrospective

Shane Mauss sends over a short retrospective of our DMT experience now that it has been two months since we had the Couch Sessions in St. Paul, Minnesota. I take this time to flesh out just a bit and give some more information about the origins of DMT and what it is. Nothing too scientific […]

Experience 56 – DJ Dangler, speaking in tongues

DJ Dangler, stand up comedian, renaissance man, old friend, and the definition of a teddy bear with a giant heart, stops by to discuss growing up with those who spoke in tongues, being taught how, and the impact it has as a fundamental belief system as a child. He educates me on the differences in […]

Third Ear Bonus – Strange Angel by George Pendle

Review of Strange Angel: the otherworldly life of scientist John Whiteside Parsons – by George Pendle. My thoughts and feelings along with other emotions and inspirations taken from the book about one of the most fascinating characters and real people from the history of science and magic. Jack Parsons lived a life that can only […]

Experience 54 – DMT Couch Sessions PART TWO

Part Two of the DMT Experience picks up where we left off last week – right when I smoked DMT for the first time with my buddy and fellow comedian, Shane Mauss. Be prepared to hear me try to explain the unexplainable and say the word “like” a ton of times. I am forever changed […]

TWO – free comedy album download

Dear Beautiful You, On 1/15/2014 I had a wild idea, maybe it was more a restless urge to make a comedy album and release it in the same day. So, that is what I did. I called it “ONE” with the hopes that I would be doing it more in the future. Well, that future […]