Experience 48 – Jono Zalay, Ph.D. in neuroscience

Oh yea! My buddy Jono Zalay stops over for a talk and he just happens to have a Ph.D. in neuroscience. It was a wonderful and very fun talk about the possibilities of all kinds of things and what we know about the brain and its power and potential.

Experience 47 – Amalia, the haunted Chaplin Court

Amalia, a writer and my new friend tells me a bit about haunted Hollywood with the alleged legend (allegend) of Chaplin Court. She discusses in detail what it is like to move into a home and immediately knowing that something else, something unseen is already living there. She sheds light on how ghosts and spirits […]

Abortion vs Capital Punishment

Here’s a clip of the joke that is originally on HOW TO GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS, my first album. This was recorded at Nerdmelt Theater at Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood.