Sneak Peek! Comedy Wonder Town – Artwork & Track Listings

       Available October 16th

      from Stand Up! Records







I am so excited to start releasing this stuff!  Here is Comedy Wonder Town’s album artwork and down below will be the track listing.  I cannot express how grateful I am for my friends who contributed their talents to the design work of this album.  This album would not look even close to the perfect and wonderful visual orgasm it is without their help.

Thank you, Meghan and Shawn!

Track listing:

01.  Gay Dreams
02. Sexually Harassed
03. Voice Inside My Brain Device
04. Bounty On My Head
05. Death Row Love
06. Wrong Type of Woman
07. Blue Pills & $50 Bills
08. Thinking With My Clock
09. Hands That Built Human History
10. Two Rooms Available
11. Man Bits
12. Why Won’t She Love Me
13. Babies Having Babies
14. Proper Neanderthal Family
15. People In Space
16. Put Me On the List
17. I Know Zero
18. Letters & Numbers
19. Proud of Us
20. Fluorescent Faces
21. Wish I Was Special
22. Gosh Darn It Just Doesn’t Cut It
23. Monster Hunter
24. Regret the Things I’ve Done