The Bookcase

Here is the bookcase.  This is a video concept that was inspired by a real thing that happened in my life recently. I wanted to buy this particular bookcase at a Goodwill, but waited until its sticker color was half-price.  This bookcase was not just any bookcase, it was a matching bookcase to the one […]

Transcript of “The United Snacks of America”

This post is in response to a google search term that has been popping up more and more lately.  So, I figured who knows the joke better than me.  I should write it out for those who are interested because let’s be honest, what else am I doing today.  Actually, a lot of things, but […]

DVD Taping – July 16th!!!

I guess since it is less than a month away, I should get out in front of being behind the promotion of it.  On Monday night, July 16th, I will be recording a stand up comedy DVD at Go Bananas.  It should be awesome.  Here is the obligatory facebook event page ===> I am […]

Take a Piece of Me

Send me $$ and get random things (surprises)! This may or may not be a great idea.  A great idea I have stolen secondhand from a Los Angeles based painter who people could not remember the name of when they were showing me his work.  He accepts $50 via paypal or the internet and then […]