R.on I.n P.eace, Mr. Shock

If you frequent my website, you already know that when it comes to the things I produce and post here that are outside my realm of stand up comedy, things can be a little bit weird from time to time.  Some might argue that a few of the things on this site are not even […]

Episode Zeta – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

The world will now watch this web series as it takes a giant leap forward in having mainstream appeal and staying power.  There is no denying how every single person alive, even unborn children can relate to Episode Zeta!  Please enjoy this as the rest of the world is certain to do. Episode Zeta I […]

Flick My Clip 5!!! Submit or Dive!!!

Can you believe our little comedy shorts festival is going to the big screen?  Well, we are!  I am pleased to announce we are joining forces with the FilmDayton Festival this year, August 24th at the Neon Theater in downtown Dayton.  We are going to be on the big screen and it will be the […]

Episode Epsilon – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

The world becomes smaller every single day that passes and our dreams become closer with each moment we recall.  Do you recall the last thing you dreamt?  Can you find it within yourself to know if you have done right by what you have put inside yourself today?  These questions are answered in the latest […]

Episode Delta – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

Episode Delta is a free-fall.  We all have fallen, dreamed of falling, and seen others fall.  We often laugh when we see people fall, but seldom is it funny when we do it ourselves.  At least not initially.  This examines what it feels like for me and how it happens in my dreams when I […]

Interview from Poland! (Audio)

That’s right, you read that correctly.  I was interviewed by a journalist over in Poland who writes for the site www.laugh.pl.  We used that magical portal of voice known as Skype and did it that way.  I am going to keep my insecurities and pet-peeves about myself to myself and post the interview here ( […]