Episode Gamma – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

Episode Gamma takes us on the journey that is all too familiar to every single person that has ever lived or will ever live on this planet that is covered in its majority by water.  It is our life force, our sustaining grace, and our most important ally moving forward. In case you were not […]

Episode Beta – Ryan Singer’s Dreams

Episode Beta brings us all closer to an understanding of what drives our deepest fears and our brightest dreams.  Explore your mind and your heart as we walk down the path of our insecurities and hopes. Special thanks to Peter Tullio for some camera work and to James Austin Johnson down in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee […]

NEW Web Series! “Ryan Singer’s Dreams”

This is my by far my most fervent attempt at trying to win over the huddled masses with something that is relatable.  People have been saying that my videos are “weird!” or “so weird!” or “just so weird!” for a while now, so I finally started listening. Ryan Singer’s Dreams will be an exploration into […]

On P.F.’s Tape Recorder Podcast!

Cincinnati comedian P.F. Wilson has a podcast called “P.F.’s Tape Recorder” and I was a guest on it.  I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma when we recorded this via Skype.  My throat was in a sort of funk, so if my audio quality is not all that great, I apologize.  I think it turned out okay, […]