Occupy Dayton! Video!

Here is a short video I have put together of the Occupy Dayton protest site.  Due to a fallout of work, I have been trying to spend some time lending my warm (sometimes cold) body to the local movement.  I was very happy to know that there was a group of people taking to the […]

New Short! “Decaffeinated”

When my roommate Jeff and I both have a day off and we’re both home, we usually take his camera out into the general public and film something that can at many times make people uncomfortable or stare at us. Find the magical moment in this latest short of someone in that position and you […]

Episode Five – Me & My Dolls

Yes!  Episode 5 is finally here!  You’ve been waiting with bated breath and now you can rest easy and eventually exhale.  Some people claim that my web series leave more questions than they do answers.  Well, I am proud to say that if you want answers to this latest series, you may have to wait.  […]

Interweb Podshow! I’m a Guest! Listen!

A lot of exclamation points in this title for no good reason. I do remember recording this podcast and I remember having a ton of fun doing it. These guys are fun to hang out with in general, let alone when the microphones are recording. Some highlights include me talking trash about someone who wronged […]