Studebaker Pie – S2 – Ep 3 “Portend”

The short season has come to an end and with it comes the finality that all great series bring. In the third installment of Season Two the darkest corners of our minds are explored and the redemption of a new and brighter day has its whisperings heard on the streets of our hearts. What will […]

Studebaker Pie – S2 – Ep 2 “Manifest”

Season Two continues with “Manifest” and many answers are revealed.  Many people are not ready for the things that are to be known and the things that have been already known.  Please enjoy the unraveling of the mind. Episode Two – “Manifest” Created by Ryan Singer

Studebaker Pie – S2 – EP 1 “The Return”

Wow.  I know you can’t believe it.  Studebaker Pie has returned just when you thought there was no chance it could ever happen again.  I know I feel like the wife of Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway when he showed up at her house.  You probably have already married another web series.  I guess you […]

New Video! Stop the Hate

Here is a video I recently participated in for a good cause.  I hope you like it and can pass it around.  This was filmed, edited, and produced by my buddy and roommate Jeff Hutchinson.  One of my other roommates stars in it with me, Peter Tullio.  I am certain there will be more videos […]