The Bush That Broke My Bag – Part 1

The title of this blog is somewhat suggestive if you have an incredibly filthy mind.  If you are on of those people, I salute you because we seemingly have a lot in common.  That is not to say we a lot as in many things in common as much as we have a large amount […]

CTVII S2 – Season Finale – Meet Your Bread Maker

This is it.  The long awaited Season 2 finale.  Will all of your questions be answered?  Will the forces of good triumph over evil?  Will Carl win back his beautiful wife Janet? So many questions and only this last episode to answer them.  We left off with Carl tragically killed by his nemesis, Rupert Randolph.  […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #9 – Pro Monster Conspiracy

The epic journey continues and the action is starting to really heat up now!  The showdown between Carl and Rupert Randolph is on the horizon and Carl is determined to win back the love of his life.  Will there be more danger around the corner or will the plan Carl and Big Foot concocted succeed?  […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #8 – Friends and Lovers

Episode #8 – Friends and Lovers – the latest episode of Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter brings us to beginning of the hunt.  Carl has his sights set on his latest monster and will be stopped at nothing to capture him and bring him down.  Will his latest rag-tag crew be enough to help […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #7 – One Night In Carl

Episode #7 – One Night In Carl, will answer so many questions that the millions of people have been asking, blogging about and demanding for months about the world’s favorite monster hunter, Carl Treadway VII.  How is it that Carl is alive?  The latest episode will divulge the truths that no one will expect and […]