CTVII S2 – Episode #6 – Day Old Bread Version of Girl

Season 2 continues with Episode #6 and now that Big Foot has teamed up with Carl and they have buried old hatchets, the action begins to ramp up.  Will the Bounty Hunters foil their plan to win back Carl’s wife, Janet?  Things will only get weirder, stranger, and more funny as this we are halfway […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #5 – Getting Drunk With Big Foot

We have now been introduced to the myth and legend of Big Foot, we have had an all-star cameo by an awesome guest star, there has been drama.  Can it get better?  Watch and find out as things start to heat up and get really sticky as Season 2 “The Monster Inside” continues on.  Will […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #4 – Get the God Damned Jerky

Episode Four unfolds and things get deeper, weirder and more intense.  Carl has reached out to an old foe, Big Foot and now the mission must be clarified.  What will Janet do now that she has mistakenly thought Carl has moved on?  Will further heartbreak ensue or will love triumph the day?  We are not […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #3 – Who Came To The Party

The epic journey continues as Carl Treadway VII has sunk down inside of a deep despair and lost his beautiful wife, Janet.  Will Rupert Randolph’s plan to steal her away and ruin Carl’s life once and for all succeed?  Or does Carl have surprise up his sleeve?  This episode features a super secret surprise guest […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #2 – The Sound of Huntings

“The Sound of Huntings” is Episode 2 of Season 2 of Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter.  This epic journey continues as Carl will try to decide if who he loves is more important than what he loves.  His jealousy has led to the breakdown of his marriage and the monster that grows inside of […]

2010’s Dear Santa Letter

When I originally typed the heading for this post, I typed, “Dear Satan Letter.”  Is that a sign?  I am not sure?  That reminds me of a funny story though.  Years ago, about 10 or more to be inexact, I kind of wrote Satan a letter with my mouth.  Let me explain.  I had what […]

Top 10 Comedy CD of 2010!

It is always cool to get some good press and some good reviews, even if I choose to ignore the ones that say I am no good by dismissing them as ignorant, stupid and beneath me.  BUT, when someone likes me or what I do, they MUST be intelligent, attractive and worldly.  This is just […]

CTVII S2 – Episode #1 – Zeus’ Lightning Bolt

You waited, you hated the waited, you prayed, and you stayed through the prayed.  Now, you got what you wanted (yes, I am talking directly to you and you know who you are).  You should definitely watch Season 1 if you have not yet as there is DEFINITELY carry over from season to season.  For […]

CTVII “Monster Hunter” – Season 2

Finally, the wait is over!  Popular demand and threats of global chaos have led to the impending release of new episodes of Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter.  We followed Carl on epic hunts in Season 1, now we will follow Carl on his most dangerous hunt of all: the search for the monster inside […]

Holiday Calender Video

This is a video I made for Rooftop Comedy this year, you may remember I did one last year.  I hope you like it and Happy Holidays to everybody.  I am going to be writing a new letter to Santa in the next week as the one I wrote last year was very successful.  Also, […]