Bob & Tom and Bloomington!

If you are reading this before Thursday (July 1st), then you can hear me on the Bob & Tom radio show at 8 am on Thursday morning.  Is this short notice?  Yea it is.  I got short’ish notice myself, but I am certainly happy to be waking up early early for the show.  I have […]

How To Get High Without Drugs – Available NOW!

My new cd is out now!  You can get it from the internet on iTunes (just click on photo above) and or you can get it from me at a live show.  Check my schedule to see if I am coming to a town near you anytime soon.  A huge thanks to everyone who […]

Golden Shingle Acceptance Speech Video

Here is another acceptance speech video I have made for an award I was nominated for at the 2010 Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado.  This award is the “Golden Shingle” and goes to “a rising star in stand up comedy.”  If you can believe it, although it goes against the pattern already established, I […]

Exclusive Torchdown Jesus Footage

Last night, my roomate Sherif and I went to go get video footage of the burnt down Jesus statue that was struck by lightning.  The police were not letting anyone on the grounds to get any footage, so we decided to sneak onto the property some way.  That way turned out to be a trek […]