Shameless Self Promo/Adulation

Yes, it is that time of year again when sitting alone in a hotel room in middle America, I find myself so void of human contact the last 10 days that I am grasping for straws of self preservation.  Alas, a rope was thrown in my general direction and I was all too quick to […]

Biz Guy – Episode #5

Here is the final (for now) Biz Guy “Clean This” spot that we shot on those fateful days in March.  Oh, the times!  As you can probably tell if you have been watching the previous episodes, I had pretty darn tootin’ time filming these.  It was a loosey-goosey kind of environment where I was allowed […]

Biz Guy – Episode #4

Here is yet another wonderful masterpiece of internet commercial acting that I have done in the “Clean This” series for Biz Stain Fighter.  I have been posting them in order of funny to most funny, at least in my opinion.  So, that would mean that this one is the most funny of them yet and […]

Biz Guy – Episode #3

The third time is the charm they say.  I am not quite sure what they are saying that about and how it in any way relates to me posting the third video in the “Biz Guy” series that I did earlier this year, but I used it anyway.  I am sitting in a hotel in […]