Biz Guy – Episode #1

Here is the first installment of some internet commercials I did for Biz Stain Fighter.  I am the Biz Guy and I love nothing more than getting dirty so I can get clean.  There are five total commercials and I think that they are pretty good.  I will give you a little back story to these:

The script was very loose as you could probably tell after watching the video.  It was pretty much just a bare bones idea and they let me have free reign of the meaty party of dialogue (with some exceptions, obviously).  Some people may say I have sold my artistic integrity down the river for a few bucks and I say to them, “What artistic integrity do you speak of, dear friend?”

When you are 33 years old and sleep on a futon mattress on the floor of a friend’s condo, there is not much that is not for sale.  Indeed.  I am being overly dramatic as I am cracked out on a 7 Eleven coffee right now.  No joke.  If you could see my jaw right now.

Here’s the first video, we’ll call it “Wine Tasting”