“Advertising” – Underbelly Skit w/Butch Wesley

Here is the Underbelly skitch that Butch Wesley and I performed last year.  We performed it again to record it for a sketch comedy contest all of us from Underbelly are entering in for the Friar’s Club in New York City.  I am glad to be a part of it as it is pretty darn […]

Biz Guy – Episode #2

Here is the second of five different spots I did for Biz Stain Fighter.  These videos are going to become a viral success of runaway and epic proportions, so get in on the ground floor, people!  This one is an episode in which I take on chocolate stains.  You should know a few things about […]

Biz Guy – Episode #1

Here is the first installment of some internet commercials I did for Biz Stain Fighter.  I am the Biz Guy and I love nothing more than getting dirty so I can get clean.  There are five total commercials and I think that they are pretty good.  I will give you a little back story to […]

Open Mic Madness

This is a video clip that I forgot I had until I remember that I had it.  It is just a short 5 minute’ish set from Go Bananas Comedy club on one of the open mic nights.  I drop in there whenever I am not out of town to work on material, usually.  But, sometimes […]